Join Diversity District!

The mandate of the EDLD’s current Board of Directors is reaching the end of its term and we’d very much like to welcome new voices. Several seats are available.


Who are we?

The EDLD seeks to amplify voices, highlighting the experiences of writers, readers, mediators of different backgrounds who share a passion for words and a sens of urgency for rethinking the relationship with the other. Its mandate as a space for reflection and for the sharing of ideas is to redefine the meaning of the word Togetherness by combating racism and exclusion through books.

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Are you…

A bookworm; passionate about culture, art, languages, literature; sensitive to the social issues that affect marginalized and BIPOC communities; engaged in your milieu and / or community; an open, sociable and attentive person?

What a seat on the EDLD board involves

Positions on boards are generally voluntary, 3 or 4 meetings per year; participation in the decisions and orientations of the organization; the possibility of proposing projects and carrying them out; working with authors, artists, communities of passionate people from all backgrounds.


To apply


1) Subscribe to the EDLD

2) Tell us about yourself

Letter of Intent (1 page) and CV (2 pages max):

Tell us why you would like to serve on the EDLD Board. Describe your background, relevant experience, your availability and how you’d like to get involved.

3) Send us your file

No later than March 8th 2021 by email to the following address:

The members of the Board will be elected or re-elected at the next general assembly scheduled for March 2021.



The EDLD is an organization was founded to combat racism and all forms of inequity and discrimination. The EDLD was created to actively counter the systemic under-representation of persons identifying with marginalized groups, minority groups, racialized communities and also persons with disabilities in the cultural milieu, especially the book milieu. If you are a member of one of these groups, you are welcome! We’re expecting you!